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Mitsubishi Inverter

Frequency inverter drives are a key component of Mitsubishi Electric's factory automation systems. More than 20 years on and with over ten million units sold worldwide, Mitsubishi Electric is still continually contributing innovations to variable-speed drive technology. The latest 64-bit RISC processors, advanced software models and the latest power electronics make today's variable-speed drive solutions from Mitsubishi Electric both powerful and easy to use. Mitsubishi Electric delivers innovative, open, flexible and reliable drive solutions geared to the special needs of individual markets and customers.

Mitsubishi frequency inverters satisfy all the standards and specifications of the European Union's 73/23/EEC directive on low-voltage equipment and the 98/37/EC machinery directive. All products have a CE certificate subject to 89/336/EEC, and also UL and cUL certificates and GOSTÒ certification for the Russian market. All important protective functions are included as standard equipment, and all Mitsubishi frequency inverters conform to both the ISO 9001 quality standard and the ISO 14001 environment standard.

The series covers a very broad output range from 0.2kW all the way up to 630kW. Lines include the smallest FR-S500 series for simple applications, the medium-range FR-E700 series and the high-performance FR-A700 series. The product range is complemented by the FR-F740 series that is optimised for the special requirements of pump and fan applications in the HVAC sector.

All frequency inverters feature simple operation and configuration and optimised control and data management facilities. The integrated control terminals, the one-touch digital dial and the multi-language control panel with copy function provide instantly-comprehensible information on current drive status and clear error message displays.

Networked systems are very easy to configure thanks to support for standard open network bus systems including Profibus/DP, DeviceNet, CC-Link, CANopen and LonWorks. Serial RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces and the optional USB port enable multidrop applications with up to 32 stations and connection of the latest PC and process visualisation systems.

SLV Vector Control with Online Autotuning and automatic slip compensation, V/f control with a fully-programmable characteristic and Mitsubishi Electric's advanced OEC (Optimium Excitation Control) technology all help to make these frequency inverters masters of energy conservation. They can achieve maximum power savings of up to 60% compared to conventional mains operation, thus minimising system operating costs.

IMS study confirms Mitsubishi Electric's outstanding drive systems performance:

When it comes to reliability drive technology from Mitsubishi Electric has an enviable reputation. The latest customer satisfaction survey conducted by IMS Research confirms that the Mitsubishi Electric drives are among the best in their class in terms of product reliability.

What can you expect from Mitsubishi Frequency Inverters?
  • Conformity to global standards, specifications and certifications
  • An open and flexible drive platform
  • A broad product range geared to the needs of the market
  • Simple operation and configuration
  • Optimised control and data management
  • Outstanding product reliability
Plus extensive advanced technology functions like:
  • SLV- Vector Control and V/f Control (fully programmable)
  • Online Autotuning and automatic slip compensation for outstanding speed stability
  • Soft PWM function for reduced motor noise
  • OEC technology for maximum power savings
  • Active current limiting (tripless operation)
  • Automatic restart after power failures
  • Flexible control units and intuitive configuration and setup


Product range
  FR-D 720S FR-D 740 FR-E 720S FR-E 740
Output range 0,1 - 2.2 kW 0.4 - 7.5 kW 0,1 - 2.2 kW 0.4 - 15 kW
Power supply (50/60 Hz) Single-phase
Output frequency 0.2-400 Hz
Control unit Integrated

  FR-A 700 FR-A 741 FR-F 740 FR-F 746
Output range 0.75 - 630 kW 5.5 - 55 kW 0.75 - 630 kW 0.75 - 55 kW
Power supply (50/60 Hz) 3-phase
380-480V or 500V
380-500V (IP54)
Output frequency 0.2-400 Hz 0.5-400 Hz
Control unit Removable

  FR-S 520 SE FR-S 540E FR-E 520S FR-E 540
Output range 0.2 - 1,5 kW 0.4 - 3,7kW 0.4 - 2,2 kW 0.4 - 7.5 kW
Power supply (50/60 Hz) Single-phase 200-240V 3-phase
Single-phase 200-240V 3-phase
Output frequency 0.5-120 Hz 0.2-400 Hz
Control unit Integrated Removable